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10 Mini TREEPOTS 2.5inX10in TALL RECYCLE Nursery POTS

Price: $15.00

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TEN (10) used once MT2510 Mini-Treepots but look like new. Great for Palms, Trees, Fruit Trees, other tall plants. Excellent drainage, compact.

These used to grow individual seedlings in regular nursey pots. Put 4 in a single one gallon or 10 in a single 3 gallon container. 30 fit in the (not included) tray shown in the manufacturer's picture.

Hi Quality containers for discriminating growers. Does not include the tray or two other pots in the manufacturer's picture. Only (TEN) 10 MT2510 Mini-Treepots are offered.

MT2510 Mini-Treepots are used for a variety of fruit and nut trees, and woody ornamentals. Mini-Treepots are made of black high density polyethylene plastic and resistant to ultraviolet light.

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