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Don't forget to leave feedback after you inspect your purchase. From delivery confirmation, you have only 48 hours from delivery confirmation to make any claim for damage.
If there is any problem, contact me immediately to make a claim. I want to help. DO NOT WAIT ‘to see if they will recover’ then email me after a week or two when they are dry and dead.
My responsibility ends when a live plant is delivered to your door. Live arrival is guaranteed, eternal survival is up to you. Proper care is critical upon arrival. It is your responsibility to know how to care for the plant.

All claims need to be supported with Photos of the damaged plant(s) as packed/unpacked, the box if damaged, the packing materials and any documents. I want to know what you think caused the problem, so I can remedy the procedure. We don’t need it to happen again.
Thanks for paying with PayPal - the safe way to pay online. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for your patience and purchase.

 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ON LIVE PLANTS is available only under these conditions! All international orders are shipped at the BUYERS RISK (shipped with or without documents) and no refunds or replacements are offered for DOA, loss, confiscation, etc.

       As each order is packed and prepared separately you will pay the quoted S/H charges individually per item. If you buy the same species in that item it does calculate out the discount (i.e.: additional item $3.61). My stores' combined shipping is built in for same items rather than a varied selection. Includes postage, USDA certification and inspection, proper packing and delivery to Airport for prompt delivery. I can’t really change any of these. If you want one of this and one of that, it gets hard to discount much as each different species requires it's own prep & packing, then at USDA each has to be unwrapped and inspected then repacked. USDA requires me to clean and prepare every last piece before we drive them to the Inspection Station on the other side of the island. It takes my wife and I, a day to pack items and get ready to ship. The whole next day we drive around the island and get inspected (2-3 hours), then drive to the Airport Post Office to drop off. It takes the same work with the same type item if you can understand.
 I do not accept returns. I do not guarantee that live plants delivered alive will remain alive under your care. Please if you have any doubts as to your green thumb please don't buy it to see if you can grow it. Seedlings by nature are numerous and fragile, I can only provide the opportunity to share these plants with you My policy is to ship replacements with the next paid order. Live Plants are fragile. They can be harmed by extreme temperatures during delivery.  USDA and USPS are also generous with their charges when I pay them for your plants to get certified and shipped. We
are also generous when we pack using recycled material and properly pack each item. 
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