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Malayan Gold Dwarf Coconut

Golden Malayan Coconut Palm Tree






Golden Malayan Dwarf Coconut Palm Seedling


Cocos nucifera var. Malayan

Family Name:  Arecaceae

Scientific Name:  Cocos nucifera



You are bidding on * live bare root seedlings with starting root systems * inches tall with bifid leaves born and grown in Hawaii.

USDA Zone 10b: to 1.7 °C (35 °F)
USDA Zone 11: above 4.5 °C (40 °F)

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Golden Malayan Dwarf Coconut Palm Seedling

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Golden Malayan Dwarf Coconut Palm Seedling

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Malayan Gold Dwarf Coconut is a short palm tree up to 45 feet in height, but usually much less.

       This beautiful palm embodies the romance of the tropics and is also of great economic value. There are many varieties, from dwarfs to the familiar tall growing types that reach 50-80 ft. All have graceful gray trunks topped by a crown of pinnately compound yellow-green leaves. Each leaf is 12-15 ft  long with many leaflets. Malayan Gold  Dwarf Coconut is a short palm tree up to 45 feet in height, but usually much less.

      Most of us in the U.S. are familiar with the coconut palm from resorts in Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean. Since falling coconuts can pose a serious (sometimes fatal!) health hazard to guests, they are often removed by resort managers hoping to avoid injuries and lawsuits. Honolulu regularly has tall coconut trees trimmed due to a lawsuit. This is a solution to this problem. Malayan Gold Coconut Trees stay short and thin. It bears coconuts are able to be picked with a short ladder.

      The large spirally arranged leaves are up to 12 feet or more in length, and are pinnately divided into numerous strap shaped segments. The separate male and female flowers are in axillary panicles. The male flowers have 3 yellow petals and 2 stamens. The ovoid coconut is up to a foot long, and is composed of a thick fibrous husk, a hard shell, and a single seed with the copra lining the interior, and water (coconut milk) filling the cavity when it is young.


Malayan Gold Dwarf Coconut makes a beautiful accent on the lawn and provides nice filtered shade for the patio.

          The Malayan Gold Dwarf Coconut is very salt tolerant and is at its most sensational when planted beachside where the sea breeze can rustle its huge feather leaves.

    Coconut palms have two natural subgroups simply referred to as "Tall" and "Dwarf". Most commercial plantings use high yielding, longer lived Tall cultivars, and each region has its own selections, e.g., ‘Ceylon Tall', Indian Tall', ‘Jamaica Tall' (syn. ‘Atlantic Tall'), ‘Panama Tall' (syn. ‘Pacific Tall'). The Tall cultivar group is sometimes given the name Cocos nucifera var. typica, and the dwarf cultivar group C. nucifera var. nana. Malayan Gold Coconut Trees are in this dwarf group. Dwarf cultivars, particularly the popular ornamentals, are largely self-pollinating as opposed to the Tall cultivars of commerce which rarely pollinate themselves.


Golden Malayan Nuts

Malayan Gold Semi-Dwarf Coconut

The coconut palm starts fruiting 6 to 10 years after the seed germinates and reaches full production at 15 to 20 years of age. It continues to fruit until it is about 80 years old with an annual production of 50 to 200 fruits per tree, depending on cultivar and climate. The fruits require about a year to develop and are generally produced regularly throughout the year.

     Malayan Gold Dwarf Coconuts are small drupes, ovoid in shape, up to 12" long and 10" wide. The exocarp or skin is yellow to gold, turning to brown with age. The mesocarp is fibrous and dry at maturity.

Coconut palm cultivars
Lethal yellowing resistance
Petiole and immature fruit color
Jamaica Tall
Very low
Green or bronze
Panama Tall
Rather low
Green or bronze
Hawaiian Tall
Rather low
Green or bronze
Malayan Dwarf
Rather low
Green, or bronze
Malayan Dwarf Semi-Dwarf Rather low Yellow
Malayan Dwarf Semi-Dwarf Rather low Golden
Maypan hybrid
Green or bronze
Samoan Dwarf (Niu Leka)
Green or bronze
During the last two decades, coconut palms in south Florida have been attacked by a microorganism that causes a fatal disease called lethal yellowing. Fortunately, Malayan Gold Dwarf Coconut is lethal yellowing resistant.  

        The Malayan Dwarf Coconuts and Samoan Dwarf Coconut in Hawai‘i, and many other palm species are resistant to lethal yellows. The 'Malayan Dwarf' cultivar and the hybrid 'Maypan' have been widely planted in Florida because of their reported resistance to lethal yellowing (LY), a fatal disease of coconut palms in Florida and parts of the Caribbean region.

        Although these varieties were originally believed to be highly resistant to this disease, long-term trials in Florida have revealed that they are only slightly less susceptible than the 'Jamaican Tall' they were intended to replace. The only cultivar in the United States that has been demonstrated in long-term studies to be resistant to LY is the 'Samoan Dwarf' (Niu Leka), a slow-growing variety with very broad leaves and leaflets.

Nothing will set a tropical tone like this

Malayan Gold Dwarf Coconut!


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