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Baccaurea angulata
  Belimbing Merah

Red Starfruit

Baccaurea angulata (finned)

Native to Borneo.


Baccaurea angulata is a tropical wild fruit indigenous to Borneo. Baccaurea angulata is also known  locally as Belimbing Merah, Belimbing Bukit, Gerumin Bereh (Bidayuh), Tampoi Merah, Uchong (Iban) or Belimbing hutan.


Family Phyllanthaceae

  Belimbing Merah

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  Belimbing Merah

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Baccaurea angulata

(In Chinese it is called 单贝果)

Elsewhere, this fruit is also called as Embaling (Sabah), Embaling bobou (Brunei) and Asem ketiak,  pidau (Kalimantan).

Belimbing Merah derived its name from the color and shape of the fruit. In translation, it is  called the red star fruit. It is also called the red raspberry. Belimbing Merah is not found in West Malaysia and is definitely a  Borneo fruit. It is found also in Sabah, the northern part of Borneo island.
The whitish content of the fruit is the same color and taste as the rambai fruit.

The taste is pleasant. This fruit has a lot of market potential as an exotic commodity but is still quite rare in  the rest of the world outside of the Borneo rainforest.

The Belimbing Merah is not only productive, it is also relatively fast growing. The amazing fruits  are split to reveal several seeds nested in the clear to whitish flesh.



When the tree is heavily laden with fruits all over its trunk, it is really a spectacular sight to behold. The young  maroon-colored fruits turn bright red when getting ripened, then the whole tree looks like it is on fire.

Vigorously growing Baccaurea angulata is also close relative of the Starfruit (Averrhoa  carambola). Some may called it Red Angle Starfruit.

Absolutely gorgeous, that is the only way to describe a Belimbing Merah tree laden with fruit.  Literally thousands may develop on a single tree and the trunk and main branches of this cauliflorous species can be so heavily loaded  that they look red from a distance.

All the tampoi fruits are indigenous to the land of Borneo and all are propagated from seeds. 

Though taste like mangosteen except they are more sour and the pulp not as fleshy, they belong to different family. Mangosteen belongs to the  family of Clusiaceae and Tampoi belongs to the family of Euphorbiaceae.

Belimbing Merah
  Belimbing Merah

No wonder why it is called Belimbing Merah which means red star fruits. It is more like a tampoi than a star fruit. A star fruit has no thick  skin or rind for example whilst all tampoi fruits have thick rind with pulp inside. Its tree is medium-sized with a straight trunk of height  about 10 m or taller.

Each angular fruit is about 6 cm long and 3 cm wide with angular and attractive bright red skin with a tapering  end.Its fleshy skin can be squeezed open by hands to reveal a white pearly pulp with three segments looking very much like rambai fruit pulp. Each  segment is covered with a thin membrane.

Comparing to rambai which tastes plain sour,the red angular tampoi fruit is more popular because of its sourish-sweet to total sweet taste. It is also  very juicy and after being chilled, is an excellent thirst quencher. The juice which can be made into a cordial has great commercial potential.
    Belimbing Merah

The Baccaurea angulata fruits have a tangy taste, both the aril and the skin. A seasonal fruit which is often  seen from November to January, sold by roadside sellers and in Borneo fruit and veggie markets. The skin can be dried in the sun after you have eaten the  fruit. The skin is used as asam keping for flavoring fish soup. Indonesians fry ikan bilis (fish) with the sliced dried skins and lots of onions.  Tastes really good! This is the red tampoi belimbing and is found growing wild and in abundance in the second division of Sarawak. Often called buah ujong  or buah geruming by the local Ibans. A nice end of the fruit season fruit, Baccaurea angulata appears at the same time as the rambai.  The fruit is sweet but is not so fleshy. Baccaurea angulata makes a nice decoration on the table especially if you can find the really red ones like these.



The fruit is ellipsoidal or ovoid, 2 to 3 1/8 inch (5-8 cm) long, 1 1/2 to 2 3/8 inch (4-6 cm) wide; orange-yellow;  clasped at the base by 3 large, green, leaf like bracts, toothed and edged with conspicuous glands.

The rind is leathery, to 1/8 in (3 mm) thick, white and spongy within; becomes hard when dry. Pleasantly rose-scented,  the translucent, nearly white pulp is juicy, mucilaginous and of agreeable, subacid flavor, and encloses numerous seeds, flat and minutely ribbed.

The thick and fleshy skin is also edible. Its sour taste makes it a great choice for pickles and jam making. The fruits and cut skin can be kept in the freezer.

    Baccaurea angulata     Belimbing Merah
Ripe Baccaurea angulata are either in  red or pinkish. When in season, Baccaurea angulata is a very prolific fruit tree. The plentiful fruits are borne from the trunk and branches. Baccaurea angulata may reach 8 m tall, profusely branched.

Flowers (yellow) and fruits (red) are colorful and may be planted as an ornamental.

Fruits are angular and inside is white, juicy, sweet-sour edible pulp.



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